In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Monday, 14 January 2013

Week 2 - Sort out the drawer of photographs

The earlier photos (from 1981 onwards when I first had a camera in my teens) were in six scrap books stuck in with those little sticky squares, which had all lost their stick over the years, and so every time you turn a page over, all the photos drop off. The later photos where just in their packets stuffed in the drawer.

I invested in some new self adhesive albums from Wilko, and have spent all week going through the photos, labeling, arranging, culling (do I really want to keep 24 photos of assorted views around Tenby taken when I went on holiday with my friend Jane in 1989? No, I don't think so).

It's been a week of nostalgia, poignancy (and laughter), and now I have three nice tidy albums with everything nicely organised.

Before and after pics:

So week 2 challenge: done.


  1. OK missy, when did you start a new blog without telling us?

    Yeah, yeah, you're going to tell me you did tell me but I wasn't paying attention, aren't you?

    Good luck with this, will watch with great interest and, I suspect, huge admiration for all you achieve.

    1. Sorry, Miss! ;-)

      No sure about the admiration - most of my challenges are of the 'haven't done this for ages' or 'really MUST stop prevaricating about this' type, rather than more impressive 'bungee-jumping-out-an-aeroplane', or 3peaks challenge type!

  2. Much empathy here, only my 'back catalogue' is four plastic tubs of assorted pictures going back to about, errr, age 10 (I've been taking pictures for a VERY long time) plus a wicker basket full of packets of Ollie photos from the pre-digital days.

    The plan is to scan them all .....

    Don't watch this space, ha ha

    1. My advice is not to scan any until you have put them into approx date order then run through and ditched the superfluous (any that you don't know where they are, or can't recognise the people, for example) although I rather suspect you are more organised than you let on, or it would have driven you mad before now!

    2. That's good advice. thanks. My scanning isn't an automatic process so I guess I'll be doing the sorting and selecting as I take prints out of packets.