In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Week 8 - Get a New Pair of Glasses

I first had specs as a teenager when I realised that I couldn't read the blackboard. I don't remember being particularly embarrassed about them, but then again, I don't seem to have any photos of me with them on. I suspect that it didn't occur to me to wear them outside class - despite being able to see more with them on. 

When I was in the 6th form, I went to have a pair of contact lenses which I paid for out of my Saturday job money, and although they were a bit of a faff, having to be washed every night with a cleaning agent, and soaked every week in a protein remover solution, I thought they were brilliant because I could see without my field of vision limited by the glasses frames. It was like having proper eyes!

Contact lens technology has moved on such that I now wear disposable daily lenses, which are even more brilliant, and I don't have to do any faffing around at all - just put 'em in, and at the end of the day, chuck em' out. Fab!

Spending money on the lenses means that I am reluctant to fork out on glasses too (even though I wear glasses every day, and only actually wear my lenses if I'm going out, either in the day or later on), which means that I last bought a pair of glasses a - er - considerable number of years ago. So it's high time I put my hand in my pocket and updated myself.

My friend Jane (who has got some sort of a clue about these things) came with me to Specsavers, and we started at the first display of frames and worked our way round........

....... and then we had to start again once we'd realised that I kept rejecting frames on the basis that they didn't look like the old ones, rather than because they didn't suit me.

 We found ones that I liked then took advice from one of the helpful staff who some pertinent points about head shapes, frame colours, and lens thickness, and tweaked our choice to a frame similar but more appropriate.

Of course, by that time you could have put those glasses on me that they use for eyetests and I would have said yes, so with that provisional choice in mind, I thanked Jane with lunch out at BHS (we know how to live!) and left to reflect overnight.

Back the next day, I went firm on what we'd decided previously, and yesterday I went and collected them. Although I am still not what you might call trendy, I have dragged myself very slightly further into the current century.

Before and after:

So that's week 8's challenge: done!


  1. Very smart, and a lovely haircut too:} And what's so special about this century that you have to drag yourself over here? The last one did us OK, so if you want to go back there I'll come and keep you company.

    1. Thank you, Bilbo! Actually, had a bit of a hair crisis - fringe was too long, so gave it 'a bit of a trim'. Had to try hard in the above pics to recover the situation and not look too much like Dave Hill from Slade! ;-)

      I guess that if we all stood still, we'd still be living in caves wearing hemp knickers, so perhaps it's just as well that we have to move on!

    2. You're not OLD enough to remember Dave Hill from Slade (although I am ...)