In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 17 - Have a Beauty Treatment

Although I have had a half leg wax occasionally (pros: v smooth legs, lasts a long time; cons: expensive, have to have footballer-hairy legs before you start); and eyelash dye (pros: eyelashes now dark enough to not have to bother with mascara; cons: eyelashes still 'lack body' so still have to wear mascara), I have never had a manicure or a pedicure before.

I decided that a manicure seems like a waste of time at this time of year, what with spending all that time weeding and digging at the allotment but I do like that sound of a pedicure.

We have a large hair and beauty salon up the road which was recommended to me by a friend on the rather flimsy basis that she had been in there once, for a haircut, about ten years ago; but that's good enough for me, so I set off to have my feet 'done' one lunchtime this week.

Going into a beauty salon is like going into some sort of alternative universe where the matters of the day are not e.g. economic growth forecasts, how red tape affects the small business, pound/euro currency fluctuations etc etc; but the merits of Elemis over Guinot facials; how wonderful the latest starlet looked on the red carpet, and how often nail infils are recommended.

I was expertly looked after, and pampered commendably - ending up with feet which had been soaked in a spa bath, massaged, treated with a 'scrub' & a 'deep' moisturiser; and nails which were shaped, filed, buffed and painted a pretty red.

My feet now look lovely - and not at all like mine! So I finished my coffee, paid, and went back through the doors into the real world - buying a sandwich & paper, dodging the charity fundraisers, and walking back to the office past the Sony shop having a closing down sale.

Week 17 challenge: done!


  1. Well done - on many levels:} For giving yourself a treat and for surviving what must be the most banal of utter drivel an intelligent women (ie: you) ever had to listen to.

    I used to hate going to the hairdresser for that reason, thankfully I've found a lovely old-fashioned salon in Cockermouth with staff who have even less interest in celebs and botox than I do!

    1. I have to say that although there was not a great natural rapport with the lovely Hollie, she was cheery and chatty, and it's good for the soul to talk to people outside your normal sphere, I think.

      Erica the smiley hairdresser comes to see me every few weeks and is the best listener I have every met - she laughs at my feeble jokes, appreciates my chatter, and is unfailingly cheerful and thoroughly flattering about my homemade biscuits and quilts; all for about a third of salon prices.

      I loved the treat - and I'm glad to see I'm not alone in enjoying the occasional vanity! Give one a go, Hobbit?

  2. Good on you! I've never had a pedicure, but I do have a massage once a month to try and stay on top on my fibromyalgia/costchondritis, and it certainly is relaxing. If you don't mind people touching your feet, reflexology is good. And to Bilbo, our hairdressers usually ask about what has been going on in "our" life. Must be a different breed over here.

    1. I used to have a sports massage every month, but I always felt a bit beaten up at the end of it - not sure if it did more harm than good!

      I've never had reflexology, although big sis Helen has, I'm sure - all those pressure spots and 'unblocking the channels'. Don't think she's had one for a while - perhaps her channels are all unblocked?

  3. Funnily enough, I had my first pedi the other week. I didn't expect to enjoy it, but thought I'd give it a try.Much to my amazement, I was really happy with the results, and am already wondering when to make another appointment.

    1. I'm very pleased at how long the nail polish is surviving, Sue - a week or so of sand and sandals and they still look good. Makes my twenty-odd quid seem pretty good value, I must say.

      I'm toying with the idea of working down the list of treatments that the salon offers - I've never had a facial, or an Indian head massage; both of which I quite fancy.