In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Week 20 - Make Alterations to a Garment

Most clothes that I buy, I tend to wear as they come from the shop (with the exception of maybe turning up trouser legs) - I assume that I am the size and shape that Marks and Spencer decrees that I am.

Of course our bodies are all slightly different, and I am not the same uniform size and shape as everyone else who buys the same size dress in M&S - which means that I go round in clothes which more or less fit and suit, most of the time.

This is a shame as all it would take for the standard size garment to fit and 'hang' better is likely to be an easily do-able tweak - maybe a dart, maybe move a button, maybe shorten a skirt an inch - well within my capability.

Armed with this knowledge, I have this week attempted to make an alteration to a knitted dress. The dress is fantastic in all respects with the exception of the neck. I put the dress on, and I magically grow an additional number of chins. The turtle neck transforms me into Velma from Scooby Doo - not a great look.

So after a certain amount of wrangling with a pair of scissors and darning needle, I have turned the turtle neck into a crew neck - a huge improvement.

So that's my week 20 Challenge - done!


  1. You clever, clever girl. I hate anything to do with garment sewing. Couldn't get in the garden today so finally mended two pairs of gardening trousers, altered some walking trousers and mended a rucksack. Lordy, give me a nice flat quilt any day!

    1. I figure that if I can get to grips with that tricky quilting malarky, then surely I can put in a couple of row of stitches to alter/adjust a dress. Different, that's all. :-)

  2. I think that was a great idea. I just don't buy/knit anything with a turtle neck, though I do wear skivvies in winter, rolled down about 3 times, as I have a scraggy neck.
    Used to like garment sewing, but do very little these days, a bit like Bilbo, liking my quilting too much.

    1. Yes, I wouldn't have bought the turtle neck for preference, but the rest of the dress ticked all the right boxes so I thought I could live with it. Drove me mad, though, so I'm glad I made the alteration.

      I'm not sure if I'm a dressmaker at heart, but I should be better at alterations - I'd be so much happier if the clothes I bought actually fit all over rather than being a compromise.