In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 23 - Clear out the Kitchen Cupboards

My brilliant kitchen has only been here for a couple of years, and so is still pretty shiny and new to me.

Given that this is the case, you'd think that there was a limited amount of stuff that I'd built up, but every now and again I find a cake tin that hasn't seen action since the kitchen was installed; and the number of times I move the dust covered pasta maker to one side to reach something else...

I coupled the thought that I ought to to have a sort out with the idea of going through the cookery books I'd accumulated, and then what about the jars and packets that might be out of date; and before I knew it I had a Challenge on my hands!

Taking everything out of each cupboard in turn, I separated the contents into 'keep' and 'chuck'; wiped the cupboard down, inside and out, and put all the 'keeps' back in.

I learned some interesting facts about sell by dates - I can understand herbs and spices loosing there potency over time, but really, rice with a sell by date?

There's a pile of recipe books and (the more presentable) tins for the charity shop, and a clean, neat and tidy kitchen that I can be proud of once again!

 So that's my week 23 Challenge: done!


  1. Well done. I used to do mine more often when I worked, which is stupid, but then I was younger and sure I got more done. I now do it in fits and start with just a couple of cupboards at a time and I'm the same with use by dates. They are sometimes a bit over the top and most jam for some reason doesn't have one and it can go quite alcoholic at times.

    1. I love the idea of alcoholic jam, Sue! I did take a View on the items past their date - the rice and tins stayed; the stock cubes, yeast and rosewater went.

  2. Clever girl :} Hope you are feeling all smug and pleased with yourself!

    1. Very much so - especially as the birds are enjoying out-of-date pearl barley and Force flakes cereal; and my pack lunch on the train to our weekend away included 'out-of-date' tinned peach slices. How can tins be out of date??