In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Week 28 - Make a Scarecrow

For the last couple of years at the Hill there has been a 'dress your shed' competition, which didn't take off with a huge bang. Notable exceptions were Chris from down the bottom who turned her shed into a beach hut, and cheery Brian and Pauline, who's shed always looks smashing anyway.

The only thing that I was likely to transform my rickety toolshed into was a pile of kindling if I slammed the door a bit hard.

But this year, some inspired person came up with. the idea of a Scarecrow competition - what an excellent plan! Low cost, not too technically difficult, and anyone can knock something together.

Now I've never been particulary 'crafty' in a Blue Peter kind of way, but I have not let that deter me, and over the past couple of weeks, Granddad George the Scarecrow has come to life.

I stuffed an old pillowcase with scrunched up newspaper, put a stick through for his arms. I dressed him in a pair of trousers which didn't survive the cut from my wardrobe clearout a couple of weeks ago; and an old sweatshirt donated by the Next-doors.

His head is an old cotton shopper bag, sown into a round and stuffed with newspaper. He's wearing my gardening gloves and wellies - and a flat cap which I found in the drawer, but I can't remember where it came from.

I gave his face a lot of thought (this (above) looking a lot like that episode of Dr Who where Maureen Lipman steals peoples faces, but Domino cat not seeming to mind).

Wool hair, marker pen eyebrows and mouth, cane topper nose, and a bit of Avon's finest blusher, and he's ready to rock.

Challenge completed - I wonder if I'll win!


  1. George and Domino look like they were great friends and he also looks good down at the allotment. We will wait in anticipation about the judging.

    1. There's some good scarecrows on the site - I'll have to go round and take pics of them all.

      He's going to be in situ until the end of the season, but by the way that squash plant is growing round his feet, he'll be over grown by then!