In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week 46 - Visit a New Town

The annual Christmas shopping trip with Mum tends to be a tootle over to Solihull - it's about the right size, with enough shops that we don't have locally, and the right distance away.

We've experimented with other towns over the years - Sheffield Meadowhall (too far away), Worcester (too open air in the cold weather), Telford (too soulless), Merryhill (surprisingly difficult to get to, given the proximity to home), and tend to gravitate back to Solihull.

But this year, we went to Derby. I've not been there before, although it used to be a popular trip out for Mum and Dad, and Mum was keen to go back and have a look round.

It's just a straightforward 45 minutes from home, and having a look online beforehand would appear to consist of a new shopping centre (Westfield), an enormous indoor market and an old shopping quarter by the Cathedral.

We parked at the shopping centre, wandered round the market, then had coffee, looked at the chain stores (most much larger than their counterparts in our town), and found an independent kitchen shop.

Then to the Cathedral, which we had a look round before going to the shop for Christmas cards, and having a look round the independent shops there - the prize being the wonderful Bennetts department store.

We were out of time - we should not have lingered in the shopping centre at the expense of the independent shops. Derby is certainly worth a return visit.

The camera conked out, so the only pic I have is of the Cathedral, but that is my week 46 Challenge completed!


  1. That sounded great and I've not visited Derby, but would still love to be able to do my Xmas shopping in Leeds or York. Love both these places, (and Harrrogate) but have never had a Xmas in the UK. One day maybe. Take care and not too many weeks left for your challenge. Sorry I missed the QAL, but with no internet it was a tad difficult.

    1. I love York and Harrogate too - but you need a great deal of stamina to do either of them justice!

      Hope you're settling in your 'limbo' home - bet you can't wait till the New Year and your more permanent place!