In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Week 49 - Make a Christmas Wreath

I've never been one for flower arranging and the like. The issue here being that I really can't tell much of a difference in the end result of someone spending hours putting flowers into a vase, and someone taking a bunch of flowers, and putting it into a vase - if you see what I mean.

Also, although I love have flowers in the house, I don't grow them particularly at the allotment, and resent spending the money. And I don't feel good about the carbon footprint either.

But the artificial wreath that I hang on the front door year in, year does look a bit boring, and so this year - with a hedge of conifers at my disposal - I've tried to come up with something with a bit of a personal touch. 

I took some cuttings...

... looked in the decorations trunk...

... and came up with a spray of green with red ribbon and mini-baubles.

The shape looks rather like a Christmas tree, and I am undecided whether to give it a trim to make it more rounded in shape.

So apart from a bit of minor tinkering, that's my week 49 Challenge done!


  1. I think that your wreath looks great as you've thought outside the box. We all have a different take on things, especially creative people. As for flower arranging and not growing flowers, I beg to differ, because if we didn't have lots of flowers in gardens, there would be less bees to pollinate our veg/fruit and I think we need variety of growing lots of different things to make the world beautiful. All those people who have no front gardens so they can have car parking space, now miss out on so much, such as a lovely streetscape and probably talking to people as they garden, which I think is where the world is falling apart as we don't seem to have that same camraderie with our fellow man. Sorry!! That's harsh, probably because I love growing things and nature in general. Take care.

    1. You're right, Sue, bees are so important! I do grow flowers at the Hill - the frontage has a lavender bushes and marigolds which self seed each year - it's just that I just don't grow flowers for cutting.

      Oh - except for sweet peas - I grow a wigwam for cutting each year, but my efforts at putting them into a vase can hardly be called 'flower arranging'!!