In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week 35 - Re-chipping the Allotment Paths

When I made the raised beds at the Hill about five years ago, I laid weed suppressant between the beds, which (is supposed) to stop the weeds growing, and then as many piles on as many woodchippings as I could get on, which means that even in the depths of Winter, you don't get your feet muddy on the plot. 


The woodchippings rot down in time, and every two or three years they need replacing or topping up. It involves a strenuous session with a flat shovel scooping the remainder off the paths and chucking it on the beds at each side.

If this is done in January, then the next step is to collect replacement chippings, in the form of chipped Christmas trees which can be collected from the park a couple of miles away where you fill up any containers you can find, load them into the back of the car and take them back to the Hill. It takes many such trips, and is a tedious chore.

Occasionally, we do have woodchipping delivered to the Hill, though - and a great pile will appear and be pounced upon by all, as this is by far the softer option to carting chippings from the park.

These week was one such occasion! Once I'd cut back all the plant growth impeding the paths (squash and courgettes in the main), and pulled any weeds on the paths, I got busy with a big bucket, a shovel, and the chippings heap.

It took two sessions and I lost count of the bucketloads, but here is a thoroughly spruced up plot - and my week 35 Challenge - completed!


  1. That looks good and I've been a bit AWOL with your blog and am just catching up. I've just read a few and love your little drawings. I can't draw at all. We've sold the house and now I'm in different stress mode, so bear with me.

    1. That's the good thing about blogs, Sue - they wait until YOU'RE ready to settle down and read!

      Well done on selling the house - as you say, the merry-go-round has just started!

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  3. Doesn't that all look SPLENDID!

    I love it when all our paths are redone, and love the old stuff either in a compost bin or as you did, on the top of existing beds.