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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Week 34 - Get a Full Week's Sleep

I am a 'night owl'. I am more than happy to be up carousing late into the night, or catching up on work items at midnight and after. Many's the film I have seen the latter three quarters of, having come in from the pub and put on the TV.

On the other side of the coin, this means that I am not a morning person. I'm not given to strong sentiments, being an easy going kind of gal - but I do HATE THE ALARM CLOCK. Even though I am very fortunate to work from home and don't have to be 'in the office' before 9am, and the alarm is set for a modest wake-up of 8am, I STILL have trouble dragging my sorry self out the pit.

I'd love to be more of a morning person - to spring out of bed and get things done first thing would be fantastic! If I could get out for my run at 8am for half an hour or so, then how well would that set me up for the day!

But there is nothing on earth which would tempt me to do so, as things stand - but is this because I don't get enough sleep? If I stopped being such an owl and got to bed at a sensible hour, would I jump out of bed with the sun, shaking the sleep from my eyes to welcome the brand new day with joy!?

To test this one out, my challenge is to get an average of 8hrs sleep per night for a week, which is going to involve some earlier nights.

I've logged the times, and with a concerted effort at GOING TO BED, I have clocked up just 15 mins short of an average of a full 8hrs per night over the week. Hardly worth hanging the flags out for, but I reckon that compared to the estimated 7 1/2 hrs I get on average normally, this is an improvement.

Have I jumped out of bed with a spring in my step? Well, no, not really - but I do think that this is a work in progress and I should pursue the matter - try for 8 1/4 hours per night, perhaps?

My Challenge is completed - and although not life-changing, it has given me the impetus to take this further.

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  1. Sweetie, will you please stop being my doppelganger? First the drawing and now this . . .

    If I got off my bum I could have written exactly the same post. Used to be a 'lark', loved getting up just after six and having a quiet cuppa in the garden before the rest of the road woke up. Recently I've been lucky if I could drag my sorry a*** out of bed by 8.30.

    Like you I am well aware that waking up earlier means GOING TO BED EARLIER and that's where I have trouble - so much do to, so much to read, and now I have started a little sewing again, "sew many hours need to be spent at the sewing machine!". However, I'm also slowly working at exactly the same challenge and little-by-little it is making a difference to the mornings.

    Hope you can keep it up (gets harder as it gets darker in the mornings [glum face] ).