In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 33 - Draw A Picture

Here ya go...

So that's my week 33 Challen.... no? Just kidding you!

Now this week's Challenge is a bit of an odd one - given that we spent about 3 years of our first 6 doing nothing other than drawing pictures, I bet, like me, the last time you drew anything was - er - when you were six.

Except if you are my big sister Helen, of course, who not only has drawn pictures since that age, but also charges good money for doing so.

We did so many drawings at that age not just to do all that tedious learning about coordination and as a precursor to writing, but also because we enjoyed it - drawing was fun!

So why do so few of us do it now? Because we think we are no good at it? Is it talent, or is it practice? Talent, undoubtedly plays a large part in producing a pleasing pic, but lets see what a little bit of practise can do - and lets see if it's as much fun now as when I was at primary school.

My first efforts did not bode well - although partly this was my choice of subject. Domino cat was rubbish as a life model - staying sphinx-like for about 2 minutes before wandering off.

Oliver cat less of a fidget, but black cats are like black blobs to my untrained eye. 

I went for some still life instead, and think I have a fairly recognisable trug, and passable beetroot and garlic, even if the courgettes on the left look like sausages. 

Then headed into the garden to have a go at the tomato plants, but got bored of all that wibbly wobbly green foliage.

So this evening I had a crack at emulating a print of Louis Degas 'Bird with a Bare Bum' which I have hanging in the bedroom. Actually, I'm not altogether sure that's what the original is called, but it's my house - my name.

And here's my go.

What have we learned? That drawing takes concentration - you have to immerse yourself in it. This makes it very therapeutic - mindless hobbies where you can daydream (e.g. winter digging on the plot) are restful in their own way, but hobbies that you have to give your full attention to (e.g. riding) mean that for that time, you can't worry about any cares or the stresses of life.

Oh - and that Helen's pretty safe from competition...

So that's my week 33 Challenge - done!


  1. Wow! I think you have done really well! And don't they look good in a frame? How long did they take you?


    1. All day on the Sunday, off and on - about half an hour at a time, I guess. :-)

  2. WOW. You clever bunny, am very impressed.

    Spooky . . . I've wanted to do the same thing many times, never applied myself to it properly. Perhaps your 'challenge' will help nudge me to have another go myself over the winter (nights drawing in, Daisy crashed in front of woodburner etc)