In order to do something different each week of the year, I have a list of challenges to undertake...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Week 42 - Catch a Falling Leaf

Back from holiday, and all of a sudden, it's Autumn! Although I love the crisp mornings, the sunshine, the beautiful colours of the trees, what I DO NOT love is the nights drawing in the cold, and the rain. Pah!

Let's focus on the positives, though - I'm really fortunate to live a five minute jog away from Sutton Park, and it is very beautiful at this time of year, with its ancient woodlands, heaths and lakes. Well, it's lovely at any time of the year, but Autumn is particularly good. 

As I know from the forty odd Autumns that I have walked through the woodlands in the park, catching falling leaves is deceptively difficult - those lazy, drifting, golden flakes have a life of their own and skitter away from your outstretched hand and tumble to the floor leaving you snatching at thin air.

I was determined not to be beaten this year, though, and headed this morning in the glorious sunshine to one of my favourite woodlands.

Half an hour later, I moved to a less favourite, but more secluded woodland, as I was starting to look like the local loony and was getting some funny looks from the good folk of Sutton who were out in force enjoying the day.

My tenacity paid off - no action shot of me actually catching it, of course, as I had enough trouble with the damn leaf as it was, but here is the leaf, and it's tree. 

And my week 42 Challenge is done!


  1. Well done.. I love the colours of autumn and don;t really mind the nights drawing in as I enjoy the fact we have 4 different seasons.

    1. Yes, I wouldn't swap the variety of the seasons either. But I do prefer warm sunshine to wet and windy autumn mornings - I chickened out of a run this morning on the strength of the storm forecast.

      As is happens, it mostly missed us here in the Midlands; and now the rain has stopped, the sun is shining and it's a lovely day!

    2. So glad everywhere didn't get so battered. I've just missed some of it on the news this morning, so will watch more carefully a bit later.